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What type of operating table is required for a 3D C-arm?

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Author : HOWELL Medical
Update time : 2023-10-01 16:45:00
Compared to regular C-arms, three-dimensional C-arms offer enhanced effectiveness and a more convenient perspective.
The utilization of 3D technology in C-arm instruments allows for the collection of higher quality 2D/3D images during surgeries, resulting in clearer visuals and a wider field of view.
Additionally, it enables the reconstruction of intraoperative image data in 3D, leading to a significant reduction in surgical errors and meeting the requirements for precise procedures.
With the integration of 3D technology into traditional 2D C-arm instruments, previously unseen critical structures can now be clearly visualized on the generated 3D images, serving as a valuable tool for doctors to perform accurate and safe operations. Consequently, hospitals that adopt three-dimensional C-arms also need to replace their old operating beds accordingly.
Regular operating beds have relatively thick frames made of metal which negatively impact image perspectives. To facilitate seamless rotation with the three-dimensional C-arm instrument, an ideal operating bed should not have any metal shielding on its surface; therefore, thinner beds are preferred.
This requirement serves as a fundamental criterion for hospitals when purchasing specialized operating beds compatible with C-arm systems.
Today, we will be showcasing the HE-608P surgical bed manufactured by Howell Medical.
This bed is equipped with a 1.2-meter-long extension board made of carbon fiber that can be used for upper limb surgery, clavicle surgery, and DAA hip replacement surgery. Additionally, it has the capability to connect to a carbon fiber spine surgery bracket for spinal procedures or a carbon fiber traction frame for surgeries involving the hips and lower limbs.
The entire bed operates using an electro-hydraulic system and comes with four sets of electric actions, an electric brake, one-key leveling function as well as power storage capabilities. This operating bed is considered high-end in China and its price ranges from 300,000 to 600,000 depending on its configuration.
C-Arm  OT Table