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What are the advantages of eccentric column over center column operating table?

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Author : HOWELL Medical
Update time : 2023-10-12 16:32:00
Unconventional column-operated table for orthopedic procedures The orthopedic operating room is a hub of numerous surgeries in hospitals, necessitating specific requirements for the surgical bed.
One notable distinction between today's introduced operating bed and the commonly seen central column-operated bed lies in the eccentric column design. Unlike many central column-operated beds that require translation to mimic an eccentric column effect, the Howell operating table eliminates this need altogether.
In orthopedic surgery, having ample perspective space is crucial. An operating bed with an eccentric column design offers a spacious perspective area, allowing smooth movement without any collision when working with C-arm and G-arm equipment.
Furthermore, by connecting this versatile operating table with various accessories, it becomes possible to perform a wider range of operations.
For instance, attaching orthopedic traction frames enables lower extremity procedures while adding a head frame facilitates craniocerebral surgery. Similarly, connecting a shoulder surgical board allows for shoulder surgeries to be completed effectively. By utilizing different accessories on one single bed, multiple purposes can be achieved.
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