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HOWELL Medical

ENT Solutions

ENT Surgical Series Solutions

Common reasons to seek care an ENT surgeon include ailments of the ears, nose or throat such as sinus pain, sore throat, congestions, airway blockage, headaches and drainage or trauma. Rhinoplasty is nose surgery performed to reshape the nose, while a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy (T&A) is the most common surgery.

These procedures are typically performed while the patient is supine in the operating table so surgeons can utilize equipment like an ENT accessory attachment on the table.


Luxury Electric Hydraulic ENT Operating Table HE-607D

This ophthalmic operating table is the best surgical solution for the ENT department. It is a new generation of products developed and designed by Howell scientific and technological personnel based on years of market research.

Howell Medical ENT operating table is specially designed for operation in ophthalmology, ENT, dermatology and plastic surgery.

Designed To Incorporate Mobility Of A Patient Trolley & Comfort Of A Patient Bed, Making Best Suitable For Pre-operative, Surgical & Post Operative Care. specially designed for ENT and ophthalmic surgery.

Electric Hydraulic ENT Operating Table

ENT Operating Table Accessories

Ophthalmic Surgery Wrist Rests
Surgery Physician Chair
The unique shape improves the surgeon’s access at the head of the surgical table during ENT, plastic surgery, neurosurgery or ophthalmic surgical procedures.  The doctor chair can reduce the labor intensity of the surgeon, ensure the health of the surgeon, and improve the quality of surgery.  High Antimicrobial / bacterial & mildew resistance
Ophthalmic Surgery Wrist Rests Surgery Physician Chair

Other Operating Accessories -- Shadowless Lights

Led Operating Room Lights
Led Operation Theatre Lights
HE-ALL ( I )
Led Shadowless Operating Lamp
HE-ALL (Flower Type)

Led Operating Room Lights

Led Operation Theatre Lights

Led Shadowless Operating Lamp

Other Operating Accessories -- Gel pad

Prone Position Gel Pad supine position gel pad Lateral Position Gel Pad lithotomy position gel pad
Prone Position Gel Pad supine position gel pad Lateral Position Gel Pad lithotomy position gel pad