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Xinjiang Kashgar people Hospital  HE-608A/HE-0F2
Today, Howell Medical technicians came to Xinjiang to install the operating table and orthopedic traction rack for the Xinjiang Kashgar People Hospital. Our products can perfectly assist the hospital to treat more people in Xinjiang, we feel very proud.
February 17th,2016
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Shangqiu Municipal Hospital HE-608M(4 Section)
Technical colleagues from Howell Medical came to Shangqiu Municipal Hospital during regular return visit, and tested 608M that the customer had used for many years. All the operating beds were normal and well maintained.
September 24th,2015
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Nanchang Third Hospital  HE-609A-02
Howell Medical technicians visited cooperative hospitals to help debug the gynecological delivery bed HE-609A-02. The old customers are very satisfied and give high evaluation.
November 13th,2014
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Fuzhou Panyu Traditional Chinese Medicine Orthopaedic Hospital  HE-608M4/HE-F06
Our after-sales service staff came to Fuzhou Orthopedic Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. helped to install the operating table (section 4 of 608M) and stainless steel traction frame (F06). And they also tested it. The system can be used ...
May 8th,2014
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