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What are the specific operating table requirements for nerve surgery and ENT division operations?

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Author : HOWELL Medical
Update time : 2023-09-25 17:42:00
1. The field of neurosurgery necessitates the utilization of a specialized table designed specifically for this purpose, featuring the ability to rotate and an exceptionally low height.
2. Howell Medical's neurosurgery table is not only suitable for use in medical facilities but also finds application in beauty hospitals. The requirements for beauty surgeries performed at salons align with those of neurosurgical procedures, demanding a rotatable and ultra-low position table. Numerous plastic surgery operations have already adopted Howell Medical's operating table.
3. In addition to their renowned neurosurgery head frame, three-point head frame, craniocerebral surgery retractor, and Mayfair head frame offerings, Howell Medical also manufactures various other products. Furthermore, they are recognized as experts in producing polymer gel pads that serve as essential accessories on operation tables to prevent patients from developing pressure sores.
4. Harbin Howell specializes in manufacturing electro-hydraulic neurosurgery tables, ultra-low operating tables, and craniocerebral operation tables

Neurosurgery Operating Table