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What is a dedicated carbon fiber operating table for surgical robots and 3D C-arms?

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Author : HOWELL Mdical
Update time : 2022-10-02 16:02:00

In recent years, with an aging society, the increasing incidence of bone related diseases, traditional way Orthopedic surgery vulnerable patients position location, surgical instruments control accuracy, doctors personal experience and level of fatigue, the influence of such factors affect the surgical success rate and reliability, and contrary to traditional surgery, bone surgery robot can automatically perform, Or under the command of passive execution, mechanical arm positioning instead of the doctor's unarmed positioning, stability and accuracy are improved.

Surgery robot navigation equipment in the clinical application is more and more widely, and 3 d image is the foundation of surgery robot navigation system implementation, and can realize intraoperative imaging data of 3 d reconstruction, decrease operation error, has reached the requirement of operation, has the dual role of map location and effect test, make the surgery more accurate, the operation effect is more secure.

In the case that both surgical robot and 3D C-arm are available, the operation still cannot be carried out normally. An operating table must also be equipped, and the operating table must meet the needs of both the surgical robot and the 3D C-arm. Not all surgical tables can be fitted with surgical robots and 3D C-arms, so a carbon fiber table made by Howell Medical is needed for optimal fluoroscopic results.

See the above picture, the operating bed is connected to the Radiolucent Spine Frame. The ultra-thin base design can perfectly match the 3D C-arm. The Radiolucent Spine Frame connected to the operating bed is also made of carbon fiber, which can achieve perspective effect.

Take a look at the following picture. The double column operating table, ultra-long perspective space, and spinal surgery accessories can be used to complete spinal surgery. Lower limb traction and other accessories can also be used according to requirements to meet more surgical needs.
Wilson Spine Surgery Table