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The imaging surgery table without any metal shield can meet the fluoroscopy of spine surgery

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Author : HOWELL Mdical
Update time : 2022-09-30 15:32:00

When doctors perform complex spine surgery, the spine operation table needs to be combined with c-arm for multiple angles of irradiation, and the operating table should not be shielded by metal. Usually, even the carbon fiber bed board will have side rails to block the X-ray, which cannot meet the irradiation requirements.

Howell Medical has introduced a new imaging surgery table that can be used for all types of spine surgery. 

Remove the leg plate of the operating table, then install the carbon fiber spine operating rack. In this way, the patient's waist is not covered by the bedplate, nor by the metal of the side rails of the operating table. Carbon fiber spine surgery rack can adjust the height of the abdominal support rack to adjust the Angle of spine bending, to meet the needs of surgery.

Jackson Single Spine Surgery Table
Jackson Frame Surgery Table
Carbon Fibre Single Spine Operating Table