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What are the characteristics of high quality orthopedic operating table?

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Author : HOWELL Mdical
Update time : 2022-09-26 14:50:00

Head plate: pneumatic auxiliary device for head plate and foot plate easy operation

Bed plate: special composite material bed plate, high X-ray transmittance, good uniformity, meet the requirements of intraoperative photography

Mattress: one-time molding mattress, using international popular materials, streamlined appearance

Wire control operator: smooth shape design, ergonomic, comfortable grip, integrated with all control functions. Has a logical self-lock

Function to prevent misoperation during operation.

Bed body: unique waterproof sealing structure design, high quality stainless steel material, antifouling and rust, to ensure the best disinfection and purification requirements and anti-collision requirements.

Electric brake: it can be adjusted according to the ground condition. After locking, the bed will not change its position to ensure the stability and safety of the bed during operation.

Standard size stainless steel side rail: can be fitted with a variety of accessories


Orthopedic surgery is a department that all hospitals have. It is the general name of trauma, spinal surgery, is the diagnosis and treatment of various types, amputated finger, amputated palm, multiple finger severed replantation, various types of nerve repair, congenital deformity of limbs, brachial plexus injury and nerve compression professional departments.

The department of Bone trauma adopts a combination of Chinese and Western methods to carry out orthopedic trauma, spine surgery, joint surgery and other orthopedic surgery, such as: spinal inflammation, scoliosis, joint replacement, cervical spondylosis and other treatment.

Orthopedic Operating Table