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Neurosurgery Stereotactic System

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Author : HOWELL Mdical
Update time : 2022-10-07 16:07:00

Howell Medical Brain Stereotaxic System is also called Stereotactic Head Frame

Compared with the traditional neurosurgery head frame, the brain stereotaxic system is used for minimally invasive brain surgery, and the neurosurgery head frame is used for open type surgery.

The names of the two are similar, but the functions are different. However, the brain stereotaxic system needs to be used with an ordinary head frame. When using, the head clip of the neurosurgery head frame is removed, and then the brain stereotaxic system is connected.

The stereotaxic surgical head frame produced by Howell Medical can be used in neurosurgery, neurology, emergency department, and can be used with CT, MRI and other equipment.

The stereotaxic surgical head frame can ensure minimally invasive and precise access to the intracranial target with an error of 1 mm, and guide the instruments to perform the most basic cerebral hemorrhage surgery. It can also treat extrapyramidal movement disorders, epilepsy, Parkinson's, intractable pain, refractory psychosis, brain tumors, brain stem hemorrhage, and more. This treatment can minimize trauma, be highly accurate, and achieve remarkable results.

The brain stereotaxic system is based on Cartesian three-dimensional coordinates, and can be accurately positioned by three-dimensional coordinates.

When used, the patient is first subjected to CT or MRI scan, and then a basic frame is installed on the patient's head for a second scan. Draw coordinate points on the patient's head, install the orientation system, and then perform minimally invasive surgery.

Howell Medical is the only manufacturer in China that can produce ultra-low operating beds, neurosurgery head frames, carbon fiber head frames, and brain stereotaxic systems.