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Electro-hydraulic operating table - Carbon fiber material

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Author : Howell Medical
Update time : 2022-10-14 10:52:00

Advantages and characteristics of electro-hydraulic surgical beds produced by Howell Medical:

Full carbon fiber surgical back plate, 360° full light transmission structure, up to 1200mm, can be used with 3D C-arm, traditional metal frame operating table cannot be used with 3D C-arm.

Modular table top, there are a variety of installation methods to choose according to surgical demands.

Electric brake device on the base can firmly fix the bed table.

The base T-shaped design provides the surgical team with excellent foot room and a stable center of gravity.

The height of the chassis is 95mm, which can be fully used with the G-type X-ray machine, and the shell is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel.

Double-back plates design, in addition to the full carbon fiber metal-free back plate, it is also equipped with a standard operating bed back plate. The head and leg plates are interchangeable to meet various surgical needs.

The whole bed table is made of carbon fiber material, with low X-ray absorption coefficient and high-definition fluoroscopic imaging effect, which greatly reduces the radiation damage of X-rays to patients and medical staff.

The table translation distance of 300mm, combined with the full carbon fiber bed board, can complete the overall perspective function of the operating table.

C-Arm Surgery Table
Radiolucent Operating Table

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