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What advantages does special operating table in compound operating room need to have?

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Author : HOWELL Medical
Update time : 2023-12-25 14:42:00
The digital operating room, also known as the compound operating room, requires a compound operating table to enhance surgical technology and improve operating room efficiency. This trend in hospitals aims to reduce unnecessary time and labor costs.
The compound operating table for the digital integrated operating room has specific requirements. Firstly, it should utilize electro-hydraulic control technology with an imported control system. Additionally, it should be equipped with advanced features such as a wireless Bluetooth handle, one-button beach chair adjustment, one-button reset function, one-button flexion capability, and various posture memory functions. Furthermore, it should support centralized control through central control software implanted in the system. Other essential functions include electric waist bridge adjustment, electric leg board positioning, electric brake activation, and a dual-control hydraulic system.
It is crucial that the central control software can be seamlessly integrated into the operation of the composite operating table to meet the demands of digital operating rooms effectively.
The selection of the operating table relies on the primary purpose of the compound operating room, as it must fulfill the requirements for extensive C-arm fluoroscopy and angiography machine scanning. Additionally, a large fluoroscopic area is necessary, which can be achieved with an operating table featuring a carbon fiber bed plate.
One notable advantage offered by Howell medical operating tables is their ability to cater to all types of surgeries simultaneously, something that cannot be accomplished by any other Chinese manufacturer. Howell medical stands out among few manufacturers in China capable of producing shadowless lamps, operating tables, and medical pendants under one brand. Opting for a single brand that offers shadowless lamps, operating tables, and medical pendants would be highly beneficial for a compound operating room.
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