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Do X-ray machines and C-arms need to use a carbon fiber operating table for fluoroscopy during surgery?

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Author : HOWELL Medical
Update time : 2024-01-12 13:54:36

Difficult operations such as cardiothoracic surgery have extremely high requirements on image clarity, and only carbon fiber tabletops can meet this extremely high requirement.

It can pass through the X-ray machine most effectively and improve the perspective effect of the X-ray machine. The design of the Howell eccentric column operating bed takes into account how to maximize the penetration of the C-arm, so that the entire fluoroscopy process is not affected by the bed base, which facilitates C-arm scanning operation. Electro-hydraulic is the latest technology, which can make the operating table more stable during the operation and more convenient for daily maintenance. The traditional electric operating table, which is driven by a motor push rod, is a technology that has been eliminated.  And the noise is very big, once the failure, maintenance is extremely difficult.


Howell 608M is a high-end multi-functions operating table with the most advanced microcomputer control system and hydraulic transmission system, unique product structure, simple operation, safe and reliable, the quality has reached the international level, the unique unilateral column column design, excellent X-ray perspective space, more suitable for urological surgery, thoracic surgery, kidney surgery and another departments which need to use C arm X-ray machine.

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