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What benefits does the orthopedic operating bed made of full carbon offer?

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Author : HOWELL Medical
Update time : 2023-12-13 14:52:00
The orthopedic full carbon operating bed is designed with a carbon fiber bed board that offers excellent X-ray transmission performance, allowing for clear surgical images. With a light transmittance of 99.9%, it is the ideal choice for c-arm and g-arm procedures.
Today, we would like to introduce the HE-608P Orthopedic Carbon Fiber Operating Bed by Howell Medical. This bed ensures optimal X-ray transparency during orthopedic surgeries, resulting in clearer imaging. Additionally, its superior light transmission reduces the power required by the x-ray machine, thereby minimizing radiation exposure.
While using a regular framed operating bed with a carbon fiber bed board can improve light transmittance to some extent, there are limitations due to the frame on both sides of the bed when it comes to perspective views. This becomes particularly challenging in clavicle surgery, hip DAA surgery, and lower limb surgeries where bones obstruct complete X-ray transmission.
To overcome this issue and enable full X-ray transmission without any inconvenience during operations, an orthopedic surgery requires an operating bed equipped with a full carbon fiber bed board. The length of this specialized carbon fiber board is 1.2 meters or 1.4 meters when including the U-shaped headrest – sufficient for fluoroscopy needs in any patient's case.
Depending on whether it is upper limb or lower limb surgery being performed, users can choose the direction of head and leg placement for optimal fluoroscopy visualization at the surgical site. The carbon fiber board allows visibility of areas such as clavicles and hip joints while accommodating supine, prone, or lateral positions as needed.
Furthermore,this versatile operating table can be connected to either a stainless steel orthopedic traction frame or a carbon fiber orthopedic traction frame depending on specific requirements.

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