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Operating room equipment list for operation theatre

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Author : Howell Medical
Update time : 2022-12-14 15:00:00
Are you looking for operating theatre design guidelines for your new clinic or hopsital operating room?
Do you want to get a operating room equipment list for operating room preparation for surgery?
Do you know the difference between  cardiac operation theatre equipments,orthopedic operating room, emergency operating room and other operating room equipment ?

this article will help you know more about that.
let us show you some pictures about the operating room.

1,Surgical Lamp Light
It has the wall mounted and Floor stand type,it shows the wall mounted type in the above picture.
According to the light source principle. it has the LED, Apertured bulb type, the LED types is always with longer working life, and brigtness.
Bulb type is more cost efficient.
More other types with price, please click here,
2,Operating table
It is used for the patient to sit and lie, it has different types, electric and electro-hydraulic types and for different surgery type, it has different surgery table for different usage.
more information ,please click here
3, Hospital Pendant
It is used for put patient monitor, endoscope and other surgery items during the surgery.
different size and different styles also different material will be influenced the price,
more information ,please click here

4,Operating Table Accessories
From leg&knee holders to arm boards, surgery extension plate, spine frame and surgical table clamps etc.. - HOWELL Medical offers a comprehensive range of surgical table accessories, which optimally complement the functionality of the operating tables.
more information ,please click here

Used primarily as a surgical positioner to offer pressure reduction during medical/surgical procedures. Our gel pads can be used for Prone, Lateral, Supine,lithotomy positioning. HOWELL Medical is manufacturer of gel pads.
Medical gel pads made by HOWELL Medical, are made of polymer gel and film, with good softness, pressure and shock resistance, maximum dispense the pressure, avoid bedsore and nerve pressing damage. The pads are X-ray translucent, waterproof, insulated non-conductive. Materials do not contain latex and plasticizer, anti-bacteria, non-allergenic.
more information ,please click here