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Notes on practical operation lamp

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Author : Howell Medical
Update time : 2022-12-06 12:29:00

Daily inspection

Bulb operating conditions (prx6000 and 8000). Methods: put a piece of white paper in the working area, if there is arc shadow, change the corresponding light bulb.

Disinfection handle in place. Method: click twice during installation.

Cleaning: wipe the surface with weak alkaline solvent (soapy water); avoid using chlorine containing lotion (damaging metal) and alcohol lotion (damaging plastic and paint).

Monthly inspection

It is mainly to check whether the standby power system (battery) is normal. Method: cut off the 220V power supply to see if the standby power supply is started.


The average life of the bulb is 1000 hours; for the lamp holder, it is basically replaced once a year. Provided that the bulb specified by the manufacturer is used.

Yearly inspection

Four steps of maintenance (carried out by certified engineer)

Fastening: power cable connector (input and output of control box), screws and brushes at each connection
Adjustment: rotation limit, bulb working voltage (23v AC + DC), brake of each joint
Check: perpendicularity of suspension pipe and balance of suspension system, fastening of screws at the connection of each part, normal brake when each joint acts, rotation limit, heat dissipation effect, status of bulb of lamp holder
Test: installation of disinfection handle, illuminance and spot diameter

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