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Which operating tables can be paired with a C-arm machine to achieve the best fluoroscopic results?

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Author : HOWELL Medical
Update time : 2023-11-12 15:13:00
When there is a requirement for surgical imaging, the presence of a C-arm becomes necessary, and with the presence of a C-arm comes the need for an imaging table. The film bed is utilized in conjunction with the C-arm for general physical examinations, while the operating bed specifically designed for use with a C-arm in operating rooms is referred to as the C-arm operating bed. Additionally, there exists an X-ray catheter bed used in combination with DSA.
Now let me introduce you to the hospital's c-arm bed options. Firstly, we have the hospital film taking bed which possesses simple functionality and low technical complexity. It can be manually pushed or electrically lifted, featuring an X-ray transparent surface that allows patients to undergo X-ray procedures by lying on it.
Secondly, we offer an equipped c-arm operating table designed specifically for use within operation theaters. This type of bed provides ample space for performing fluoroscopy on surgical sites using a c-arm device. The carbon fiber composition of its bed plate ensures exceptional X-ray transmittance at 99.8%.
Lastly, we provide an image catheter bed suitable for DSA procedures. To meet DSA requirements, this fluoroscopic bed has no metal components and instead utilizes carbon fiber boards throughout its surface area. It offers translation and tilt movements in various directions.
The performance and quality of medical fluoroscopy tables significantly impact both the effectiveness of c-arms during procedures and patient examination outcomes. Whether it be hospitals or c-arm manufacturers making their selection, careful consideration must be given to avoid compromising reputation due to subpar quality fluoroscopy tables.

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