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Is there an orthopedic operating table available in the market that incorporates sliding and X-ray features?

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Author : HOWELL Medical
Update time : 2023-11-01 15:52:00
Orthopedic surgery requires the use of fluoroscopy, and a regular operating table does not meet the requirements for X-ray machine imaging.Therefore, it is necessary to modify the operating table in order to maximize the perspective area.
Howell Medical offers an electro-hydraulic Sliding operating table that is suitable for orthopedic and other surgical procedures.
It allows for one-way translation of 300mm or two-way translation of 500mm, significantly increasing the perspective area for improved imaging capabilities.
For hospitals seeking enhanced fluoroscopic effects, we also offer a carbon fiber table board option which further improves imaging quality.
Additionally, our Sliding operating table can be easily connected to an Orthopedic Traction Frame, providing added convenience for hip and lower limb surgeries.This mid-range product caters to hospital customers with limited budgets while we also have high-end options available for customers with higher budgets or grade A hospitals.

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