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Where can I buy an operating table that can be used with a surgical robot?

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Author : Howell Medical
Update time : 2022-11-02 12:26:00

With the development of science and technology, the operating room also began to appear robot surgery, doctors can be far away from the operating table, the operation can be controlled by the machine.

Although doctors can operate far away from the operating table, patients still need to lie on the operating table to complete the operation.

Not just any operating table can be used with the robot, but the new technology also has certain requirements for the operating table.

We can see that the picture above can not only be matched with the robot, but also has a large perspective space under the operating table if the c-arm fluoroscopy is needed during the operation.
operating table for surgical robot

The operating table has the following advantages:

1. Carbon fiber bed plate, clear perspective during surgery, convenient operation

2. Ultra-thin base design, c-arm will not produce any collision when moving

3. Fully functional, able to meet the needs of all surgical departments

4. Electric hydraulic transmission system, stable operation

G-Arm Operating Table
The operating table introduced today can not only meet the needs of C-arm and G-arm, but also can be used with surgical robots

The following figure shows the perspective effect:

Imaging Surgical Table