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How should spinal surgery operation table choose?

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Author : Howell Medical
Update time : 2022-10-29 12:02:00

The spinal operating table is a special operating table used to adjust the patient's position during spinal surgery.

The following surgical positions need to be met:

1, prone position, full stretching of the spine, bed surface does not block X-ray machine fluoroscopy.

2, Lateral position, can stretch the spine, the spine is not covered by metal..

3, The operating bed can meet the requirements of small Angle left and right tilt for patients.

4, The operating table can be raised or lowered to meet the perspective height of different types of G-arm.

Spinal surgery table
Spinal operating table
The surgery table above is interchangeable with head and foot boards. Prone position can be used to meet the requirements of prone spine surgery. The operating table is a carbon fiber plate, 100% X-ray.

Lateral decubitus position can meet the need for lateral spinal stretching, carbon fiber bed surface.

X-Ray Radiolucent Operating Table