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Orthopedic operating table, Why must tie-in Orthopedic traction frame?

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Author : Howell Medical
Update time : 2022-11-15 16:47:00

Orthopedic operating table is the one that complete all orthopedic surgeries such as arm surgery, shoulder surgery, cervical surgery, spine surgery, lumbar surgery, hip surgery, knee surgery, ankle surgery, leg fracture surgery and so on.

Many accessories are required, such as microsurgical arm plate, shoulder plate, spine frame, lateral fixation system, orthopedic traction frame, etc.


Orthopedic Traction Frame is used primarily for lower limbs Orthopedic Traction, including hip surgery also, mainly the lower limbs. The accessory required is the orthopedic traction frame.

Hence the Orthopedic Traction Frame is a part of the Orthopedic table.

The Orthopedic Traction Frame has a lot of advantages. X-ray performance is good, and it facilitates C-arm, G-arm to work.

Many general surgery electric operating tables are unable to meet this requirement, hence it is necessary that hospital purchases orthopedic special operating table.


the choices of orthopedic operating table focus on end column design and dual joint orthopedic traction frame made of carbon fiber. Because they have good fluoroscopy effect, easy to use.