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What type of surgical navigation and positioning system is compatible with an operating bed?

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Author : HOWELL Medical
Update time : 2023-09-20 18:01:00
Surgical Navigation and Positioning System Special Operating tableThe surgical navigation system may sound strange, but it is actually a surgical robot.It can assist doctors to perform surgery, usually in the following categories;Orthopedics, neurosurgery, vascular intervention, general surgery, and endoscopy. Of course there are some recovered robots, but that's not our topic today.
Special operating tables for surgical navigation and positioning systems are commonly used in orthopedic and vascular intervention operating rooms because they have high requirements for operating tables while other departments do not have high requirements for operating tables.Today, let's talk about the requirements of the orthopedic surgery navigation and positioning system for the operating table?
Due to the necessity of seamless collaboration between the surgical robot and various imaging devices such as DSA, CT, MRI, O-arm, and 3-D C-arm, it is imperative that a portion of the operating table's surface remains free from any metal shielding or magnetic interference. This requirement entails having a carbon fiber bed plate section on the operating table devoid of any metallic components.
Consequently, for an optimal choice in operating tables suitable for this purpose, we recommend considering the Howell double-column operating table. In cases where budget constraints are a concern, an alternative option would be the Howell 608P operating table. Provided below are images showcasing these two operating tables integrated with surgical robots.

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