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What operating bed can improve the efficiency of surgery?

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Author : Howell Medical
Update time : 2023-03-05 11:31:00

In today’s medical field, efficiency is key. Medical professionals are pressed for time, space and operating funds. They need versatile, multi-purpose equipment that cuts down on time and increases safety.

One of the most crucial points concerning both efficiency and safety concerns is the transfer of patients through the preparation, procedure and recovery process. Studies show this is where most work-related injuries take place for medical staff.

The easiest way to combat this is by cutting out patient transfer entirely with the Howell Medical HE-608T operating table – a versatile, multi-position device unique to the market.

The Howell Medical HE-608T operating table  stands out from the crowd with a few key, unique features designed to help eliminate safety risks while providing staff and patients with a seamless, fully-customizable user experience.


The HE-608T operating table  features fully articulating, removable head and foot rests. Both can be replaced with optional accessories for specialized procedures including ophthalmology, oral surgery, gynecology and shoulder arthroscopy. Patient safety rails can be raised, lowered and even removed altogether.


With the pressing of a few buttons, users can position the head, back and leg sections into a variety of poses including Trendelenburg and a lateral tilt. The sliding top adjusts the table on the base, giving more room for all around C-arm capability. The HE-608T also features a universal accessory rail that fits with most existing parts.

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