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What is the 3D C-arm special operating table? HE-608P

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Author : Howell Medical
Update time : 2022-07-01 09:47:00

3D-C-arm is widely used in clinical operations, suitable for spine surgery, trauma surgery, joint surgery, orthopedic surgery, etc. It is capable of real-time intraoperative 3D imaging, large 3D imaging field of view, and multi-directional information collection. 3D-C-arm can allow doctors to obtain three-dimensional images in real time during the operation, improve the accuracy of surgical placement, enable doctors to better understand the location of the patient's fracture, and instantly correct the position of the screw during the operation, making it more accurate. It can shorten the time of screw placement and reduce the incidence of complications during and after surgery.


Not all operating tables can be used with C-arms. First of all, if the doctor needs to obtain a clear image during the operation, then the operating bed must be matched with a see-through material, so as to avoid the unclear fluoroscopy image during the operation, and the fluoroscopy effect cannot be achieved. Secondly, when obtaining an image, the C-arm machine needs to move to find the patient’s part that needs to be seen. If the base is at a normal height, it may collide with the base when moving.Therefore, it has certain requirements for the base of the operating bed and the range of see-through under the bed board.


What I will introduce to you today is an operating bed designed with an ultra-thin base,and the see-through range under the bed board is also enough.

C-Arm Surgery Table X-Ray Radiolucent Carbon Fiber Operating Table HE-608P

Full carbon fiber surgical back plate, 360° full photo permeability structure, the length up to 1400mm

The whole tabletop is made of carbon fiber, low X-ray absorption coefficient of high-definition perspective imaging effect, greatly reducing X-ray radiation damage to patients and medical personnel.

G arm operating table
Imaging Surgical Table