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What is a medical stool?

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Author : Howell Medical
Update time : 2022-05-04 12:09:00

Most back problems are related to the bad posture we have when sitting on chairs or stools during work hours. During prolonged periods of sitting, workers’ fatigue levels increase over time. Medical stool, can get the maximum comfort and relaxation while working.

Medical stools help protect the health of medical staff

All the stools are designed to help you maintain good posture while still allowing you to get around without any problems. The casters run smoothly, so you can instantly move from your desk to the patient, and vice versa.

Medical stool for ultimate comfort

The doctor’s chair is comfortable, the height is adjustable, the seat can rotate 360°. Four small casters with soft running surfaces ensure stability and mobility. The rounded base of the medical chair provides a foot board for increased comfort during treatment. Because of the space between your legs, you can get as close to your patient as possible. On the other hand, the advantage of the circular base is that it provides you with a space to rest while you work. The doctor’s chair is made of high quality imitation leather, comfortable sponge mattress, easy to clean, can provide the comfort needed for long hours in the office. There are many colors to choose from, you can choose the same color as the table with other furniture.

Doctor’s stool meets operating room requirements

Medical stools with rubber casters, four smooth casters for all floors. The doctor’s chair is not heavy, so you can lift it easily. The doctor’s chair is characterized by pedal pneumatic height control, and the stool is height adjustable. You can use a lever under the seat to adjust the height, This is a perfect solution when you need free and clean hands to ensure proper hygiene during surgeries.

Surgery Physician Chair is a practical stool that combines comfort with a sense of fashion. It is suitable for most medical Settings, whether in general or specialist medical clinics, massage rooms, physiotherapy clinics or operating rooms, and is ideal for doctors.

Surgery Physician Chair