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What are the microsurgical table for eye surgery and neurosurgery?

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Author : HOWELL Medical
Update time : 2023-08-20 10:28:00
The microsurgical table is utilized for performing delicate surgeries, specifically eye surgery, ENT surgery, and neurosurgery. It is crucial for the operating table to have a low height, even an ultra-low one.
Some hospitals refer to this specialized table as a neurosurgery table or ophthalmic surgery table. Despite the varying names used by different hospitals, Howell Medical ensures that they provide hospitals with the most suitable operating tables tailored for their surgical needs.
For instance, the HE-608N neurosurgical operating table offered by Howell Medical is ideal for both neurosurgeons and orthopedic departments. Additionally, it finds application in select high-end cosmetic hospitals as well.

Neurosurgery Table