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The orthopedic operating table is the ideal choice for surgery

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Author : Howell Medical
Update time : 2023-01-06 14:52:00
An operating table is a table on which the patient lies during surgery. Operating tables are commonly used in the operating room or operating room of a hospital, ambuccal surgery center, or other medical facility where surgery is performed. The operating table can be fixed or removable to move between rooms. Operating tables are used for various types of surgery, such as cardiothoracic, orthopedic, weight-loss, robotics, urology, etc.
The use of the operating table depends on its design and specifications. For example, some operating tables are designed to perform a wide range of procedures, while others are designed specifically for orthopedic surgery. A patient lies on the operating table during an operation. The purpose of the operating table is to hold the patient in place while the surgical team operates, and the table accessories can be used to move various parts of the body for easier access to the surgical site.
The orthopedic operating table is designed to achieve the ease of operation required for orthopedic surgery. In order to perform a successful operation, the surgeon needs precise control and flexibility in manipulating the patient. Perform numerous procedures on the operating table. There are many procedures and types of operating tables, so weight and height limits are in place to ensure patient safety during surgery.

C-arm Surgery Table,

HE 608P G-arm C-Arm Compatible Double Back Surgery Table suitable for orthopedic surgery.

Orthopaedic surgery has the need of fluoroscopy, ordinary operation bed can not meet the X-ray fluoroscopy requirements. Therefore, the operating bed can be translated, and the fluoroscopy area of the X-ray machine will increase a lot, maximizing the fluoroscopy area of the table. If the hospital wants better fluoroscopy, we can replace the surgical bed board with carbon fiber bed board for better fluoroscopy. Radiographs are ideal for operations that require clear, high-quality imaging.
The translational operating bed can be connected to the orthopaedic traction frame to facilitate hip joint surgery and lower extremity surgery. The system is made of optional carbon fiber, which is ideal for use with imaging equipment and can be easily adjusted to suit the patient’s body shape and positioning requirements.
With panel control and remote control two modes, rapid response in emergency. High quality mattress fiber, durable, easy to clean. The “one-button reset function” enables the operating table to be reset quickly after surgery. The operating bed should be very mobile, with a four-wheel landing design, easy to move, and a mechanical brake, with the casters locked or released by the pedal rod.

While there is no perfect operating table, choosing the right one for each operation is important for patient safety and a successful operating room outcome. The decision to use one operating table over another depends on the patient’s risk factors, positioning ability, type of surgery, and duration of surgery, but rather on the table’s versatility, ease of use, reliability, wide weight and height limits, and accessory capabilities.