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How to distinguish the quality of shadowless lamp

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Author : Howell Medical
Update time : 2022-02-22 10:35:00

There are many kinds of surgical shadowless lamp on the market, and many people are dazzled by various types of surgical shadowless lamp. If the purchasers do not know the characteristics and performance of the surgical shadowless lamp, they will feel unable to start. Then what aspects should they choose the surgical shadowless lamp? Today we sorted out some common methods to identify the quality of surgical shadowless lamp, hoping to help you as a reference when you choose surgical shadowless lamp.

Surgical shadowless lamp is an important basic equipment in the operating room. With technological progress, many hospitals have replaced LED shadowless lamp. The light source is stable and reliable, energy-saving and environment-friendly, and has been welcomed and praised by medical users. Now various manufacturers are engaged in the production of LED shadowless lamp, also brought various problems. The quality of the material and the difference in the production process determine the price and service life of the surgical lamp

I. Light level

1). The lamp housing of the surgical shadowless lamp should be made of aluminum or flame retardant plastic.

2). Under normal working conditions, the temperature rise of the LED surgical shadowless lamp should be very low. When the light is on, it flickers quickly or has very dazzling fluctuations, which are all unqualified.

3) . To detect electromagnetic compatibility, place a radio with a mid-band frequency near the LED surgical light. The lower the noise generated, the higher the quality of the light (electromagnetic compatibility performance).

II. Technical parameters

The main parameters of shadowless lamp include illumination (whether it is bright enough and adjustable), color temperature, color rendering index, spot diameter, column depth, temperature rise under illumination and shadowless degree, etc. A good shadowless lamp can effectively reduce visual fatigue while providing sufficient brightness. If you consider energy saving, consider the power consumption of the product.

III. Flexible layer of operating lamp

1). After the operation shadowless lamp is installed, loosen all the damping of the joint so that no drift is qualified.

2)Operation shadowless lamp balancing arm up and down pull should be smooth, there should be no sense of astringency.


The above are simple methods to test shadowless lamp, and the power supply (rectifier) is also the key configuration to the service life of shadowless lamp. Some manufacturers use substandard rectifiers to reduce costs, resulting in frequent operating lamp problems, which should also be considered. Surgical shadowless lamp produced by Shanghai Wanyu Medical Instruments is safe, reliable, reasonable price and long service life. Please feel free to contact us.