What brands of G-arms are there? Do you know 4 brands?  

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Author : HOWELL Mdical
Update time : 2022-09-19 14:45:00

G-arm is only mobile digital X-ray fluorescence system for biplane (frontal and lateral) imaging in the world. It monitors the entire orthopedic surgery process in real time from the anteroposterior and lateral views, and can accurately perform surgical positioning and reduction without rotating G-arm. The surgical effect of G-arm is very significant: compared with C-arm, it shorts the operation time at least 40% (such as locking nails can be completed within 1 minute). Accordingly, the anesthesia time of the patient is shortened, reducing the risk of surgical anesthesia. During the operation, the medical staff needn’t rotate and move G-arm, so the entire operation is in a sterile state.  

Because the G-arm is a product that has just been developed in recent years, and the technical difficulty is high, there are only 4 companies that can produce the G-arm, including three Chinese brands and one foreign brand.

1. Whale is the earliest company producing G-arms in China, and now it has the largest market share in the China market, with more than 70 installed units in hospitals. Four types of G-arm products have been updated, which are highly recognized by the hospitals.

2. Sim Medical, Chinese brand, was established in 2013, and the installed capacity of its products is lower than whale Medical. In the past two years, the number of agency companies has increased, and the installed capacity of hospitals has also increased.

3. Hiwise Medical, the company has completely independent intellectual property rights and a number of patents. The main product is mobile G-arm X-ray fluoroscopy system that can move the flat-panel imaging. The installed number of Chinese hospitals is also increasing, that is also a good choice.

Howell Medical is a manufacturer of operating tables. Howell operating tables are operating tables specially designed for G-arms.

It features an ultra-thin base and carbon fiber bed base. The ultra-thin base allows the G-arm to be inserted under the operating table, and the carbon fiber bed plate allows for a higher perspective.